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Hi! I’m Neil, a certified personal training specialist, indoor cycling, and boot camp instructor, with a passion for helping Toronto-based individuals in mid-life and beyond meet their health and fitness goals.

I am a fitness enthusiast who has competed in road races that range from 5k’s to marathons , road cycling and duathlons. I realized in “later life” the importance of a balanced exercise program for injury prevention and management. I am now stronger, more energetic and in less pain than I have been in years.

l know first-hand that different stages of life call for different approaches to exercise. It is for this reason that I decided to become a Personal Training Specialist – to help others 50 plus be the best version of themselves. I develop programs that meet individuals’ specific objectives, in a manner that fits their schedule, with a focus on injury prevention and life-long adventure.

Neil Zworth Portrait

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At Ndorphin Fitness, I know that you train best in a setting you feel comfortable in. That’s why we closely follow public health guidelines to ensure a COVID-safe environment for all clients.

Private in-home training presents a wide range of benefits, including a much lower viral transmission rate. With Ndorphin’s private training programs, there is no safer way to receive customized, real-time fitness coaching.


We can meet in the comfort of your own home or a space in which you are most comfortable. Alternatively, we have options of some excellent places where we can work out.

Yes we do private, semi private and small group sessions.

Most certainly, and if you are traveling for an extended period of time we can assign “home work” in order to help you keep it going.

One of the purposes of our initial meeting is to establish what exactly your goals are. Through that discussion we will set some specific goals that are realistic, measurable, attainable within a defined timeline.

Par-Q stands for Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. This form is used as an initial health-screening tool and is administered before you begin any exercise program.

Our assessment includes a history of medical conditions or injuries. We get an understanding as to the source of a particular injury, your treatment to date, and use that information to develop a program that strengthens some areas around the injury, and work other muscle groups to help you achieve your goals.

Our aim is to balance strength training with cardio over the course of a week. At a minimum, we recommend one 1 hour session per week, augmented with cardio training on your own. If that is too challenging from a time management perspective, we offer a 40 minute “Ndorphin Burst”.

Yes! As an experienced distance runner, I have a full appreciation, not only what it takes to get to the finish line of a 10K, but more importantly, to the start.

Certainly. We would take you out on the road and asses your riding and examine your equipment and gear, put you on a program to improve your conditioning, and carefully work on your riding technique and build up your distance.

Through the Par-Q and assessment process, clients that have two or more coronary risk factors and exhibit positive signs, (e.g. high blood pressure), or symptoms (e.g. chest pain on exertion), will be asked to see a qualified health professional for testing and exercise guidance before entering our training program.