How To Set Fitness Goals The Smart Way – Measurable

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Picking up from my last blog, using the SMART framework, you should consider five focus areas when setting your goals to help make them more realizable.  SMART goals should be:






In today’s blog let’s focus on how your goal needs to be Measurable.

When you track your progress against a benchmark, you can gauge if you are getting closer to achieving your goals.  This can help you stay on track and keep you motivated. It is best to keep your stated goal objective and quantifiable. For example, to say, “I want to have more energy” can be measured, but it involves a self evaluation on a subjective scale.

Some examples of measurable fitness goals are:

  • Holding an elbow plank for a new set time
  • Being able to do a deadlift in a new 1 rep max weight
  • Running a PR (Personal Record) time over a defined distance

Back to my plank example, a measurable fitness goal would be, “I want to hold an elbow plank for 60 seconds”.  By being clear about how long you want to be able to hold the plank, you can measure your progress by tracking how long you can hold your plank along the way, until you reach your goal.

A Measurable goal is key to your path to success.

Stay tuned for my next blog, where we’ll discuss the importance of Achievable goals.