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8 Tips to Stay Injury-free

As we move into the first Long Weekend of the season and (hopefully) get out and enjoy exercising in nice weather here are a few

Excuses – Part 4

“II need to be motivated to exercise.” If losing weight or your general health isn’t enough of reason to exercise and you need extra incentives,

Excuses – Part 3

“Excercise is no fun” The key to making a workout enjoyable to find an exercise program that both caters to your fitness level and that

Excuses – Part 2

“I’m too out of shape, old, uncoordinated, fat, and/or embarrassed to exercise.” When something is foreign or uncomfortable, it’s a natural response to avoid it.

Excuses – Part 1

Many individuals who I talk to about personal fitness and getting into shape tell me they really want to commit to working out but they