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"II need to be motivated to exercise."

If losing weight or your general health isn’t enough of reason to exercise and you need extra incentives, look for ways to find what will work to motivate you to get moving.

Solution #1:

Make a chart or keep a log (Google “Exercise Chart” for examples) or track your workouts using a tracking app like Strava or HabitBull.

Solution #2:

Give yourself a reward for meeting your fitness goals – a reward that you really want. If you love massages, book a massage at the end of every month you complete your target number of work outs.  

8 Tips to Stay Injury-free

As we move into the first Long Weekend of the season and (hopefully) get out and enjoy exercising in nice weather here are a few

Excuses – Part 3

“Excercise is no fun” The key to making a workout enjoyable to find an exercise program that both caters to your fitness level and that

Excuses – Part 2

“I’m too out of shape, old, uncoordinated, fat, and/or embarrassed to exercise.” When something is foreign or uncomfortable, it’s a natural response to avoid it.